Colored Hair Extensions Tips – How to Prevent Natural Hair From Being Damaged

Buyers watch out – colored hair extensions may additionally reason irreversible harm your hair. Take five minutes to undergo this article earlier than creating a buy.

Some commonplace hair extension horrors:

1. Traction Alopecia: This is the maximum fibre per capelli common hassle caused by weave in extensions. If the weave is too tight, it might tug on the herbal hair causing hair loss and bald patches

2. Contact Dermatitis: This is an allergic reaction caused by glue used for bonding extensions to actual hair. Symptoms consist of itchiness, crimson rash.

Three. Headache: If extensions are connected too near the scalp then it may reason habitual headache due to herbal hair being pulled too tight.

4. Inflammation and inflammation of scalp: Once the extensions emerge as tangled or disheveled, they get stuck in tines whilst brushing or combing hair resulting in irritation and irritation.

Always do not forget hair extensions enterprise is unregulated and lacks the requirements that apply to hair reducing and coloring industry. Hence, it is to your very own hobby to do as a whole lot research as possible


Colored Hair Extensions are a very famous hair/ fashion accessory in recent times. At a few factor or the alternative, you’ll have additionally taken into consideration the use of synthetic extensions to add shiny shades or highlights for your hair. Though no doubt extensions are an smooth and instantaneous way to feature volume or color to your hair, it is able to harm your hair and scalp if severe caution isn’t always exercised.

It could be very critical to be fully privy to blessings and dangers of any product earlier than you begin the use of it. It is all of the greater essential while the product relates on your hair, as hair damage may be very difficult and time ingesting to restore.

History of hair extensions

Hair extensions have been first used all through the Egyptian period by way of both genders as an ornament. Egyptian men used to shave their scalp however wear wigs as a safeguard from the unique factors, infections, and lice.

Extensions for ladies became famous in the early nineteenth century, while Edwardian girls commenced carrying false hair accessories to create the pompous hairstyles. By the Victorian era, hair extensions have been getting used appreciably. For most of the twentieth and 21st century best rich could find the money for them.

Many years later, Asian international locations like India and China began commercially processing and production hair extensions. This made hair extensions cheap and opened the way for selling colored hair extensions and wigs all around the global. The integration strategies have additionally developed over this period, where in advance plant raisin changed into used to paste wigs to the top now there are techniques like fusion, clip-in, clip-on, bond weaving etc.