Free Tax Services for Military Personnel and Their Family

For employees of the U.S Military including the air force, army, navy, marine and coastal guards, one can get tax advice and help from the free tax services provided by the Armed Forces Tax Council. These services are provided at different levels. If you are in the military or you are a veteran, you can find out more about these free services by enquiring from your local administrative office. Below is the structure of this free military tax service:

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program is the tax service organization that provides the volunteers who provide the services for employees of the military. This organization works hand in hand with the Armed Forces Tax Council to provide the free tax services to the employees of the armed forces. The volunteers under this program include attorneys, CPAs and other Corporate Finance tax professionals. The volunteers are available throughout the U.S. and you can always find an office for these volunteer services near you. You can get the location of a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance office by searching in the IRS website or by inquiring from your administrative office.

Armed Forces Tax Council

The Armed Forces Tax Council is the head body that coordinates and oversees the provision of this free tax consultation service to armed forces employees. The council determines the rules and procedures of accessing this free service. If you do not find appropriate help at the local office or wish to raise any issue with regards to this free tax service, you can raise the matter with the council. However, the regular armed forces reporting requirements need to be followed.

Tax Program Coordinators

Tax Program Coordinators are found in the various armed forces departments and they coordinate the volunteer tax service for the individual units of the armed forces. The coordinators provide tax related updates, administration and other assistance to ensure the smooth running of this free service.

Free Tax Services Provides

There are various tax related services that can be accessed through this volunteer program. These services include:

Returns preparation and filing services, including online filing and paper filing services

Filing of various IRS forms such as the foreign income disclosure form, inquiry forms, and change of address form

Tax payment advisory, including setting up an Installment Payment Arrangement or applying for an Offer in Compromise

Tax assistance when claiming special reliefs such as Innocent Spouse Relief, Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Relief, or Injured Spouse Relief




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