How the tate presentation links the real world to matrix

In the presentation of Andrew Tate, he calls himself Morpheus and compares it to joining the TRW to join reality and escape the matrix. According to the matrix movie, the matrix works like stimulation and neo is considered the protagonist that ensnared the race of humans.

Even the neo has questioned reality, but the reality is still far from the imagination. Morpheus is a legendary computer hacker who brands terrorists with machines to control the matrix and break free neo from the matrix to lead the human rebellion.

According to theeuropeanbusinessreview blog It will link the real world program to the matrix, according to the presentation of founder Andrew Tate.

Concept of red and blue pills in matrix

The concept of red pills is popularized by matrix and has become part of lexicon culture over the past few years. When you have a red pill, you can reject cultural beliefs and improve the freedom of life.

In matrix movies, the neo gives you a choice to choose the blue pill that keeps their stimulation. On the other hand, the red pill permits him to escape from the matrix, face reality, and live a fulfilling life.

Similarly, the tate provides you with a chance between choosing the red pill and joining the TRW or choosing the blue pills and making a login to Netflix. What should you choose? If you want to escape the matrix, you should choose the red pill or the blue pill. This is how the matrix concept in the europeanbusinessreview bloglinks with the tate “ The real world.

What does tate claim in three step plan?

The grand three stage plan has been claimed by Andrew Tate, who has launched his most successful program, the hustler university and the real world.

  • The hustler university has come at step 1, and the real world has come at step 2
  • The real world is based upon the self reliant infrastructure through which Andrew provides services to users without depending on the mainstream tech platforms, which never support him.
  • The real world is expected to make the cancel proof tate
  • He has created the plan in this program to help the people to come out the way and experience how it will be interesting to unfold and see reality
  • One of these changes made by the tote is not dependent upon the matrix controlled servers or payment processors. He will use the banking alternatives systems
  • In the europeanbusinessreview blogon the real world program, he comes up with the idea of cryptocurrency investment in the course.

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