How To Care for Jeans

Here are some tips to take how to take care of your jeans. Jeans last longer and be more comfortable when you treat them slightly differently than other clothesstretch denim material.

Tag Check

Review the cleaning guidelines and the type of jeans that is on a tag within your jeans. “Pre-washed” or “pre-distressed” signifies these jeans gone through manufacturing processes to cause the appearance of fading and reduce shrinkage. However, they can shrink and fade when washed in the hot environment and dry them in hot temperatures. To avoid shrinking and fading make sure you wash them with cold water and let them dry them in the air. It is also safer to dry completely clean.

Raw” or “dry” means that the jeans haven’t been washed as well as the blue hue isn’t established.

“Single wash” means that the jeans were soaked for a few minutes in water to soften the jeans and make the blue color.

“Sanforized” means that your jeans are pre-shrunk. The majority of jean fabrics are made using this technique that is patent-pending. It’s been in use for over 70 years. There aren’t any chemicals involved. There is a possibility of shrinkage in the event that you make use of hot water for washing or dry your clothes using hot air.

“Unsanforized” or “shrink to fit” means that jeans will shrink up to 2″ around the waist. As long as you are soaking your the jeans and the hotter the wateris, the less they shrink. Dry them on a machine will cause more shrinkage.

Washing & Drying

The more you wash and use your jeans and wear them, the less they will fade and shrink in length. Many believe that not washing jeans will cause them to last longer, but that’s an untruth due to the oils and acids from your own skin get on the fabric. It’s an “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” scenario! Therefore, the best method of care is to wash them gently like changing them inside-out and soak them in the tub, gently stirring them before air drying them, and whenever possible! Dry cleaning is also the most secure method.

It is possible to add Table salt in the water in order to limit shrinking and fading. Use one cup per bath tub or cup for each load of washing machine.

Many believe that placing jeans into bags for freezing and placing them in the freezer for a night will wash them. This is also an illusion. Freezing kills bacteria that cause odors however, it doesn’t take away the acids and oils from our skin , or dirt.

Soap & Detergent

Some jean fanatics use no soap or detergent. They soak their jeans in water and then put them in the freezer to get rid of the smell. If you’re in the market for soap, choose a mild one that can help prevent fading and degrading. The most mild soaps include Woolite or Dr. Bronner’s. The most mild soap is Orvus Paste which is used for washing horses and quilts! Turn the jeans upside down and then soak in cold water with detergent or soap already dissolving for around 45 minutes. Every now and then gently rub the jeans by using your hands. To dry them, hang them outdoors, but with them laid in a flat position.

For washing your clothes by machine the best method is turning your clothes inside-out. Place your washer on the most delicate setting using cold water to run both your washing and drying cycles. Also , use the biggest amount of water, and don’t wash your jeans in any other clothes, unless they are jeans that are similar color, but not more than five pairs for each load. Fill the washer with cold water , and dissolve the mild soap in it after which you can add your jeans. If you’re planning to add fabric softener, don’t add it directly to the water in the washer. Instead, make use of the dispenser for fabric softener. Once the wash is done take your jeans to the washroom and outside for drying.

The best method to dry jeans is not to use the dryer! If you do have to make use of a dryer, be certain to select the lowest temperature setting or not use any heat even.


Hot water and high-temperature drying causes shrinkage and fade even when your jeans are cut to size. Don’t use bleach unless would like to “acid wash” you jeans read my tips to wash your jeans with acid. Don’t mix jeans with other clothing color in the washer. Wash dark blue and light blue jeans in separate washing. The most secure method of stretching of your pants is by wearing them when you’re damp! It’s true that there are health issues for both women and men wearing tight jeans. Research has shown the women prone to bladder infections and yeast must avoid wearing tight-fitting jeans. The research also suggests that males who wear tights all the time are less likely to have sperm counts reduced!


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