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How to Track and Improve the Effectiveness of Your Article Marketing Campaigns – 2 Essential Tools

To track the success of your article marketing efforts and find out where your site’s free traffic is getting its information from, you’ll only require two applications: Google Analytics and the Google URL Builder. The good thing is that both of these tools are free utm link builder.

If you’re not familiar of Google Analytics it is a free service offered by Google which helps you monitor the number of visitors to your site. It also gives you precise statistics on the visitors to your site. For example, it could reveal how visitors came to your website and the pages they visited when they arrived.

With the information above and tools, you can boost the number of people who opt-in to sales and concentrate on the strategies and methods to market that will yield the highest ROI. In short, Google Analytics helps you to make more money from your website. Google URL Builder lets you to track your online ads and posts in order it Google Analytics can actually show the strategies that will yield the most benefit for you.

Prior to the time that Google launched Google Analytics marketing, companies were required have to purchase online testing or tracing or to create custom software. In addition, not only is Google Analytics free, it is possibly the most effective tracking program available to analyze the traffic on websites. It shouldn’t be any surprise as Google has the resources to employ the best computer researchers.

Along with other things, Google Analytics and the Google URL Builder tool will aid you in determining these:

  1. What articles drive visitors to your website
  2. Which of your articles is causing people to join your mailing list
  3. Which are the articles that actually bring you visitors to your website that turn into sales

This data can be extremely beneficial in determining the best way to optimize your article marketing campaigns. For example, if Google testing and tracking tools reveal that the majority of my traffic to my site originates from instead of other directories for articles, then I might need to concentrate on my marketing efforts on or tweak my marketing strategies at other directories.

Another illustration: Google Analytics and the Google URL Builder may indicate that I’m getting higher quality traffic (i.e. people who sign up to my mailing list or make a purchase) in the case of articles with titles with numbers, as opposed to articles in “How to… ” titles. Here are a few examples of titles of articles with numerical values:

“3 Strategies to Increase Website Traffic “

“7 Tips and Secrets to Slaughter Your On-line Competition”

“3 Tools to Optimize Your Web Pages for the Search Engines”

In that scenario I’d create more articles with numbers in the article titles instead of articles with titles like “How to Increase Website Traffic,” or “How to Crush Your On-line competition. 

The two Google Analytics and the Google URL Builder are both free tools which can assist you in analyzing the effectiveness of your articles marketing campaigns and help you enhance their effectiveness. This is why I highly recommend you include them in your strategies for marketing your articles.