Marketing Strategy and Movie Distribution Plans

Do you ever wonder why the nice movie fairs are all held at clearly extremely good places? Its to draw huge Hollywood Players and the big cash sponsors to the event. Lets face it, if you preserve a film festival in an unsightly business phase of a chief metropolis, no massive names are going to reveal up. But in case your film pageant is being held in a scenic and comfortable little town at the Central California coast, simply North of Los Angeles then probabilities are all the big names and sponsors will display up in droves. Such is the case with the Santa Barbara Film Festival so that it will take location from January 23 to February four, 2008.

The individuals who are in fee of the Santa Barbara Film Festival aren’t bashful approximately flaunting huge Hollywood names. Almost every page in their website has pictures of celebrities or mentions the fact that many massive names will be attending. The page that suggests highlights from the 2007 occasion has snap shots of Tom Cruise, Will Smith and Helen Mirren accepting or presenting awards. When they listed at the sponsor web page the kinds of humans in order to be attending, celebrities is number one at the list. There is a slogan on the house page that reads WHERE THE SUN GOES DOWN, THE STARS COME OUT! And they’re no longer speakme about the sort of stars that Galileo turned into looking at whilst he invented the telescope.

Some film gala’s are not as indiscreet because the Santa Barbara Film Festival about catering to film stars and film industry executives. They all want the Players to attend their pageant, but they generally keep the subject matter of their event focused on impartial movies and new film manufacturing expertise. After all, film fairs are alleged to be about promoting film manufacturing, unbiased films and impartial filmmakers first and major, right? In a really perfect world this would be actual, but the fact of the state of affairs is that maximum movie gala’s are approximately exposure and making a living, immediately or circuitously.

For an occasion like the Santa Barbara Film Festival to be triumphant as deliberate they need to have a few media publicity. Their essential sponsors who deliver them a lot of cash need to realize that their organization names will be seen by way of plenty of humans.

Nothing brings greater media publicity than big Hollywood movie stars. And while the stars display up, absolutely everyone benefits. The actors and movie manufacturing people get Oscar consideration and the small, independent filmmakers who percentage a piece in their highlight get distribution offers. Money is made through a lot of people within the call of unbiased films, each person involved gets a lift to their careers, and the Santa Barbara Film Festival is a massive achievement.

Events just like the Santa Barbara Film Event catering London Festival can nonetheless manage to honor impartial filmmakers and unbiased movies with their “Cinema Society”, which is called “an appreciation of impartial and studio films”, but handiest when they have pampered the massive Players. At the give up of every day the small filmmakers can cross lower back to their Motel 6 rooms with ear to ear grins and bright futures. The movie stars and bosses can deliver their awards back to their 4 superstar inn rooms with a view of the azure blue Pacific Ocean on one side and a view of great mountain desolate tract on the other side. During the day they are able to take strolls at the stunning beaches with out their frame guards and at night time they could dine at world elegance eating places placed on the town and talk about their modern day career actions.

The Santa Barbara Film Festival makes it very tough for the primary Hollywood human beings to face up to. They even label it the pageant that determines the winners of the Oscars because the location and the date of the occasion are so close to the Academy Awards.

With the movie awards season now underway there you’ll be listening to loads greater approximately films and movie gala’s. A lot of media interest changed into these days paid to the Toronto International Film Festival, which just completed up. Soon there can be a variety of attention paid to the Sundance Film Festival that is just around the corner in January, 2008.

However, there is another film competition that takes location within the center of the movie enterprise awards season that won’t get pretty as tons publicity because the huge three, but it’s going to have simply as many huge Hollywood film stars and Players attending. It is called the Santa Barbara Film Festival, but you could as well call it a prelude to the Academy Awards.