Mother, I Want to Be a Magician

What do you do when your kid lets you know that they need to be actually similar to the entertainer they watched at school?

Would they be able to figure out how to do enchantment and do it all around ok to earn enough to pay the rent at it? Is it a passing stage or would they say they are believing that is what they need to do?

Each parent needs their kid to grow up and be a useful citizen. Notwithstanding, at some point from the get-go in life that youngster says something to mother Zaubern and father that they don’t know how to manage. Such is the situation when a kid gets back home and says: “I need to be a performer when I grow up.”

Much of the time, the youngster has no clue about what ‘being an entertainer’ involves. The youngster is simply entirely energized, to the point that they think they know what they need and maybe they do. I let my folks know that I needed to be a performer and the expression on my dad’s face when he said: “OK, after school is finished.”

The ‘Senior member’ at the University told me, and I quote: “You won’t ever get by doing that.” All I can say to him is, THANK YOU!!! It is doubtlessly a result of him that the world has no less than another master entertainer.

So what do you do when a kid lets you know the individual needs to be an entertainer? My answer is straightforward, get them some enchanted books and deceives and support them in any capacity you can. Regardless of whether toward the day’s end they are not the best performer in all the world, they feel better realizing that you assisted with supporting their fantasy.