Should Your Headshot Photographer Be Concerned With The End Results Of Your Shoot?

They should, because they’re meddling with your career!

This great comment came in today from a lady I photographed yesterday. Apart from the last few words – “you cared about the outcome too, so thanks” – it’s a fairly standard testimonial. Thank you for making taking headshots so simple and pleasurable yesterday! Thank you for making it seem like you cared about the outcome as well.

Wow! That got me thinking about my job as a headshot photographer and the outcomes I produce.

I don’t believe I approached this customer differently than any other; I try to treat everyone the same and I am concerned about the outcome of my headshot session. Headshot Photographer Oklahoma City is the photographer who care all about your concerns.

It did, however, make me think. I’m sure there are many headshot photographers out there with large egos, who are either incredibly busy or don’t need to worry about the flow of clients since they believe they are “excellent headshot photographers” and the clients will come anyhow. Perhaps there are photographers out there who are unaware of this. Although there aren’t many of them, their numbers are steadily growing, thanks in large part to the availability of amazing new cameras that handle all of the technical details for you. This “new era” of photographers frequently lacks the full set of skills required to be a competent headshot photographer; instead, they merely point and push, relying on the camera to do all of the work.

The question is, as headshot photographers, do we care what happens to our clients after they leave the studio? Should we be concerned about if the headshots we provide them assist them advance in their professions, whether they help them gain jobs or get past the initial selection process to the audition stage? We should, in my opinion.

Auditioning and headshots

Although it is true that once they arrive at the audition, it is up to them to demonstrate their acting abilities, and whether or not they are cast is ultimately determined by their auditioning abilities, many clients will not even get close to that stage without a great headshot to get them past the casting director’s keen eye.

We should care whether or not we gave the client the right headshot, the right advice, and whether or not it’s working for them as an actor’s headshot out of sheer professional duty, but more importantly, we should care morally whether or not we gave the client the right headshot, the right advice, and whether or not it’s working for them as an actor’s headshot. I’d hate to hear that “their headshot was horrible,” “it doesn’t show you very well,” or “it’s just not you” all the time from one of my clients. For headshot photography one should Go Here.

It’s a harsh business, and everyone expects to absorb some blows, but we can handle them as long as there are some highs to balance out the lows. However, if an actor has a bad headshot and doesn’t realize it since they paid a lot of money to a ‘professional headshot photographer,’ they’ll quickly become frustrated with the rejections and believe it’s their fault. When it isn’t, it’s because they have a bad headshot and may have received bad counsel. Many performers’ egos are fragile enough as it is, so let’s not add to the issues they confront by being careless in our attitudes.

Additional information about yourself is displayed

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Headshots aren’t just for CEOs anymore. Everyone requires at least one. It’s a good idea to employ a Headshot Photographer Oklahoma City if you don’t already have one to allow your personality shine and open doors to new opportunities. Give us a call if you need professional headshots in Oklahoma City.