Solar teaching experiment, photovoltaic solar training platform

LG-GF02 Solar Teaching Experiment Terrace, Photovoltaic Solar Training Terminal

LG-GF01 Solar Teaching Experimental Table, Photovoltaic Solar Training Terminal, Optoelectronic Controller: Rated Current 10A, Configurable Lead Acid The battery is loaded with a 12V DC load of 100 w or less. The control unit channel is the optical control output, and the other channel is a multi-class timing output user controller:, rated voltage: 12V, * large optical battery power: 60W, * large load Current: 5A, over-discharge pressure: 11.0 ± 0.5, battery overtuck, over-discharge protection, battery open protection, load over voltage protection, night anti-anti-charging protection, output short circuit protection, battery re-protection, undervoltage and overvoltage defense Swaying protection, equalization charging, temperature compensation, optical control switch

Aluminum Ground Mount Solar System Specifications:

System * Large voltage: 21.5V

System * Large current: 2A

System * High Power: 25W

Component size (l * w * h): 621 * 281 * 28mm, single crystal silicon Solar cell x 1

* Good power: 20W

* Jia work voltage: 17.05 ± 0.5V

* Good working current: 1.20 ± 0.10A,

[ 123] Third, the meter specification: Current table: x 3, 0 ~ 2A, display mode: 0.5 \”LCD LCD display Voltage meter: x 3, 0 ~ 20V, display mode: 0.5 \”LCD liquid crystal display Temperature Table: X 1, -19.9 ~ 99.9 ° C Four, load: Fan: x 1, rated voltage: 12V, operating current: 0.25A, Power: 3W

Traffic Light: 2 groups (R, G, B), Rated Voltage: 12V, Work Current: 0.25A, Power: 3W

LED Light: 1 group (7); buzzer: x 1; motor: x 1, rated voltage: 12V, operating current: 0.25A, power: 3W

Switch: x 1; button: x 1

[ 123] V. Battery: Valve controlled lead-acid battery, rated voltage: 12V, rated capacity (20HR): 3.3ah, charging method (constant pressure), cycle: * large charging current is 825mA [ 123]

Sixth, Voltage Actors:

1 Voltage A (variable resistance), resistance value adjustment range is 0 ~ 1kΩ

DC / DC: 5 DC / DC power supply Module

Provides DC to AC module

Seven, training projects:

Experimental experiment

Experiment 1-1 Solar photoelectric board energyConversion experiment

Environmental on photoelectric conversion effect

Direct load experiment of optical power system

Experimental three-screen control type solar system power generation experiment

Experiment 3-1 Optoelectronic Control Unit Working Principle Experiment 3-2 Optoelectronic Control Unit Charge Precipitation Test

Experimental Four User Solar Power Generation and Utilization Experiment

Experiment 4-1 User-type Control Unit Working

Experiment 4-2 User-type Control Unit Charge and Discussion Protection Experiment

Experiment 5 Solar System Electrical load experiment

Experimental Sixth Experiment

Experimental seven solar cell basic characteristics test experiment

External extension DC transfer AC external connector experiment

Experiment nine single crystal solar cell IV characteristic curveExperiment