The Best and the Worst of Airport Transportation Services

Sometimes, deciding between the airport transportation options can be challenging, however the choice you make will either be the difference between a successful or a failed travel experience.

There are many reports or hearsays from friends or acquaintances concerning how their trip the Bahamas was horrible, or your sister-in-law’s excursion to Shanghai that nearly caused her to want to catch the first flight home. Sometimes, it’s not the destinations we go to that makes us wish to cancel our travel plans. Rather it’s our choice of transport. You could argue that these are minor parts of a bigger image, but they significantly influence the course of events, and most likely your mood. The choice of airport transportation isn’t more different than when you get to the airport you’re heading to and are you’re ready to head to your hotel, but you’re not sure whether you should choose to take a cab or the bus that will take you there. Regardless, it can be a stressful experience airport transportation services.

If you are thinking about the various options for airport transportation Here are some worthwhile options to think about or consider when you are at an airport:

If you’re looking for a traditional way to travel, consider taxi. Airport taxis have increased in popularity in recent years , to the point where the ratio of passenger to taxi is 1. This is a frightening scenario since a large number of taxi drivers are circling you, offering the best price in getting the passengers from your location. Although this may sound like a negative experience, there’s a positive aspect to this. You might feel as if you’re being scammed by not receiving fair rates for metered services, however on rare occasions, taxi drivers will make an effort to offer lower rates to compete. With an abundance of taxis waiting in airports, who can blame them?

Verdict: Fair

I’m fine getting up and touching shoulders, so I’ll hop on the bus. Many travelers who wish to save money or have a specific budget will choose to take airport buses. It’s not true that airport buses rank at the lowest of airport transportation because the conditions of traveling by airport buses can vary significantly. The airport you’re in, airport buses could be either very spicy and span or like a coffin on wheels. The fact is that everywhere that you’ll be waiting for quite a long time, and if you happen to be among the latter, there may not be enough room to store all your baggage. The great thing about taking the airport buses is that, even if it’s your first time traveling in foreign countries it is common for the buses to stop at important locations. If you’re interested in exploring the area, starting at these important locations could make traveling on foot much easier. Airport shuttles are reliable since they must adhere to strict rules when departing from airports to maintain international service.

Verdict: Good

I’d prefer to drive myself and explore, so what would you feel about a private car? The option of renting a car is most likely one of the least cost-effective alternatives among airport transportation. It is expensive however, there is a reason. With a car that you own, you are able to travel wherever you’d like so provided you possess an official driver’s license in your area or a temporary driving license that you can obtain through local transportation agencies. Some airports do not provide cars for rent, but they can help to find firms that provide this type of service. An alternative however is to use the airport car, which comes with an experienced chauffeur driving for you. While this type of service typically is one-way, certain companies offer packages with multiple destinations.