The Enjoyment of a Southwest Family Room

he family room is a multifunctional room that provides space for the family to lounge in front of the TV, or a place where you can hide and read a great novel, a spot where your children can make a mess with their toys while you entertain company in other areas of the house, where adults can play poker, ping, pong, darts, pool, and other games, and the best place to have a party so other areas of your home don’t get dirty or cluttered with trash and people.

Comfort should be the highest priority when it comes to decorating your family room. Make sure that you get a sofa that’s great for curling up on and reading a book or doing homework, or that easily seats three adults for entertaining. Sectionals seem to be the best bet as they offer the best of both worlds when it comes to form and function. Leather sofas and chairs are trendy and very easy to maintain, but make sure that you choose a sofa in a darker color as opposed to white, as we all know what happens whenever a glass of red wine gets spilled on anything white

Area rugs will be able to pull the family room together and also give a defined space and gives the area a more general coziness. A rug can make a disjointed room turn into a beautiful room. The area rug can also be your focal point since such a room may often times lack one and can provide color and patterns to the backdrop of pieces of furniture that can otherwise be considered unexciting and plain.

Splashes of color can also transform your room and pull it neatly together. It’s okay to throw bright colors in a family room. The combinations of blue and green, orange and red, are strong bold colors that will be sure to bring a smile to your face. Reds and oranges are energetic colors while the blues and greens will be more calming.

When you are decorating this room remember that it can become a definite magnet for clutter. Books, DVDs, VHS tapes,  수원셔츠룸 magazines, and scattered toys will end up being this room’s best friend and worst enemy. Instead of using open shelves, try closed cupboards with doors. On the shelves inside label several different baskets and boxes so that everyone knows where things go when they are put back. With this in mind, you can also add storage trunks. They can double as a coffee table and a place to store some more stuff such as board gam


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