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The Law, a Shadow of Things to Come

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Christian Bible Study: Let this Mind be in You, which was also in Christ Jesus, who being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God. [Philippians 2:5-6].

The mind this Christian bible verse is referring to is the Christ Mind – or the Christ Consciousness. You will see in this bible verse that the word “Christ” is placed before Jesus to signify Jesus’ attainment or level of consciousness. Jesus had attained Full Christ Consciousness.

So what is Christ Consciousness or the jesus gospel of love Christ Mind – that was in Jesus and can be within you and me? The Christ Mind is the Son of God. It is the firstborn of God the Creator. Before God the Creator created any sons and daughters – or offspring of Himself – He created a mind or state of consciousness to ensure all His offspring would come back together into “oneness” with Him and with each other.

It will be difficult even for any conservative Christian to argue with the fact that we are all – every soul that exists – a part of God. The “consciousness” or “mind” of every soul is part of the same consciousness of God.

Its stands to reason that if God has separated Himself into many different parts (souls) – into many different sons and daughters on Earth – that He would need to create a state of mind or consciousness that would help all His sons and daughters “remember” Who They Are – so they would eventually “come back into oneness” with Him.

The Christ Consciousness is therefore the Oneness Consciousness. It is a state of mind where you see every other part of God – every other son and daughter of God – as an equal part of God. It is a state of mind or consciousness where you do not elevate yourself above any other part of God and feel “superior”, and is a state of mind where you do not feel less than or “inferior” to any other part of God.

The Christ Consciousness is a state of mind where you feel equal to God, because you realize you are “a part of God”. You do not see this as robbery, for you have not taken anything from God, because you realize You Are God. God has the incredible power and ability to “separate His consciousness” into many different parts (sons and daughters), so He can experience Himself through Our (His) consciousness as a separate form.

Why else would God create sons and daughter, if not to experience Himself through us? So therefore it is logical He would need to create a safety mechanism – a state of mind – for each part of Him to use this Christ mind in order to come back into oneness with Him.

The Fall of Man came when most souls on Earth believed they were Not of God. They believed the serpents lie that we are “less than God” and therefore “are not God”. The serpents’ apple represents the Anti-christ consciousness, which is the “separation” consciousness, where you believe “your” mind is separate to God’s mind and you choose to go your own way. This is why most people on Earth, including most Christians find it sacrilegious when any person proclaims We Are All Gods, for they truly believe they are not God. Yet is it not sacrilegious to refute the Bible’s own quote: “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus, who being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God”?