The real world

You must have heard of the name Andrew Tate and the new program or course that he has been promoting, which is called “The Real World”. Andrew Tate got banned from all types of social networking sites and apps due to his controversial speech, so to make his name relevant, he will launch a new program of his own. Let’s discuss whether The Real World is a new program or just a re-branded version of the hustler’s university.

Are the real world and the hustler’s university being same?

Andrew Tate claims that the hustlers were one of the 1st steps of his plan. And by launching a new program, “The Real World”, is his 2nd step.

Hustler’s University and The Real World are connected. The following remark on the landing page clarifies this:

“Hustler’s University’s educational system will operate entirely outside the Matrix.

Therefore, it appears like the real world tate will be a new iteration of Hustler’s University that tries to distance itself from the mainstream IT service providers of which Tate is so cautious. For instance, it is mentioned in a programme advertisement that TRW will employ alternative banking methods and will not use payment processors or “matrix-controlled servers.”

According to reports, The Real World will use “self-reliant infrastructure,” whereas Andrew won’t try to stay on the air. Additionally, The Real World will be on Telegram, which is more accommodating, as opposed to HU, which has been operating on Discord. Tate should be allowed to investigate subjects that are viewed as taboo as a result. The Real World will be accessible to Hustler’s University students free of cost.

What will he be teaching through this new program?

The Real World will offer education, but it won’t operate like a typical institution and won’t grant any certification or certificate of completion.

People may learn how to generate money online by investing in cryptocurrencies, setting up Amazon and e-commerce sites, understanding how other company operations operate and providing copywriting services to companies through video classes offered by Hustlers University. That may also be emphasized in The Real World.


The Real World by Tate charges a $149 monthly membership fee. However, he claims that if you act immediately and buy it for $19, you will no longer have to pay the $49 monthly membership fee.

The Real-World Tate is a reputable programme that instructs students on how to generate money and gives them access to a group of people who share their interests. It is intended to be a practical manual for adopting a transforming philosophy of living life to the fullest.