Various Types of Indian Hardwood

Indian is the house to a number of the satisfactory furnishings pieces. Indian craftsmen use their notable abilities and ideas which have been surpassed on for generations, to make fixtures that speaks of excellent and durability. Many fixtures and vintage creditors agree with that a group is not complete if it would not have Indian furniture portions, especially wood furniture.

Among all the pieces which are synthetic in India, hardwood furnishings is the most not unusual kind. Indian hardwood furniture is respected all throughout the globe and has determined an area within the domestic of the wealthy and famous.

Following are some of the maximum popular types of hardwood which are used by the Indian fixtures manufacturer.


This is one of the maximum expensive woods available in the world. The cultivation of mahogany is controlled by way of the Indian government and it is only grown for meeting business functions. The tree is not allowed to be grown with the aid of each person and one has to supply earlier than the government legitimate motives as to why console table he wants to grow the wood. Mahogany has a reddish-brown colour and is a finely grained timber. It’s distinctly long lasting and  capable to resist shrinking, warping and swelling. It’s notably used for the manufacture of fine furniture like timber facings, veneers, shelves, tables and shelves.


Walnut wood sports activities a first-rate texture, has enormous energy and smooth to work with. The wood is proof against warping and shrinking and is pleasant to almost all forms of finishes. Walnut timber is normally used within the making of veneered and strong furniture, gun-shares, cabinetry, wall paneling and novelties.


Oak is a commonplace wood used in the making of Indian wood furniture. Besides its durability, alrightcomprises right bending qualities. The timber is considered to be accurate for trimming, boat framing, flooring and the manufacture of wooden desks.


Though now not located in abundance in India, maple has sizeable hardness and strength and is a properly textured wooden. Maple mashes are taken into consideration to be properly for floors as it has mild shrinkage. Maple wood is likewise used for making fixtures and different woodenware like bowling alleys.


Cherry is a much less-regularly used wooden. It’s close-grained and proof against shrinking and warping. The shade of the timber turns red when it is exposed to sunlight. The timber ages well and is frequently extensively used for making cabinets and novelties in addition to solid fixtures handles.


Rosewood has a dark and reddish-brown color and is a close-grained hardwood. Of late this sort of wood has witnessed substantial hobby among Indian wood furnishings manufacturers. Besides, needs from the western international are also fueling its reputation. The timber comes with an distinctive perfume, takes high polish and is difficult to paintings upon. The timber is good for making piano cases, musical units, art initiatives, tool handles, furniture and veneer.


Teak is moisture resistant. It’s immune to cracking, warping and rot. It’s fine used for making fine fixtures, deliver buil