What is electric heater?

The heater is made of stainless steel, beautiful, generous, small size, small area, waterproof design is very reasonable, but also insulation design between the needles and liner, this can avoid work Excessive thermal energy loss during the process, and prevent the bucket from being frozen in winter. The basic principle is that when using a modular central air conditioning unit, the heating effect of the host has a close relationship with the ambient temperature. When the ambient temperature and the standard working condition temperature (outdoor temperature is 7 ° C) The heating efficiency of the host will be greatly reduced, and the temperature of the room is to differ from the temperature of the room. room heater
When the ambient temperature is less than 4 ° C, it will lead to difficult the host. Even if it is barely boot, it is easy to cause a long-term harsh working state, which is easy to cause the compressor, and the danger of the oil, and greatly reduce the air conditioning unit. Life. At this time, it is necessary to configure the central air conditioner electric heater to preheat the water medium, increase the water temperature, which guarantees the normalization and operation of the air conditioner, and improves the heating efficiency of the host and heating. Electric heater has easy installation, simple operation, maintenance and maintenance, is a nice choice in winter. I hope that through the above expression, you can make it a basic understanding of the electric heater.