What is the standard of welding point when the stamping plant is welded?

When the stamping parts are welded, what kind of demand for welding point is to achieve?

Let’s simply say:

1, first, for the shape of the solder joint, the surface of the solder joint is annular or elliptical, position, specifications, etc. The outer shape should comply with the stamping process and the drawings, the outer shape of the solder joint has no cracks, air holes, contact failure, crude crystal, burning, etc .;

2, stamping parts welding, its stamping parts indentation The depth does not exceed 19 percent of the thickness of the material. If the thickness of the two steel parts is more than 2: 1, the depth of the indentation can be increased to 19% -26%, and all indices must be polished;

3, in the solder joint of stamping parts, the difference between the upper and lower offset of the solder joint does not exceed 3mm

4, the metal material stamped mold member welding welding welding The over is 30% to 80%

5. The welding joints of the hardware stamped parts should be uniformly distributed. The difference between the solder joints is 5mm, and the spacing of the welding welding point does not meet the requirements (spacing) Excessive or too small), adjustment to ensure uniform distribution of welding joints.

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