Why Andrew Tate has canceled and how the real world launch

According to the reports come on Andrew Tate, it is determined that the tate are got banned from all his social media channels, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, in August.

Here is the reason behind it on lifestylebyps.com. Read the complete article to know about all the scenario that gives the switch to launch the new program in the real world.

Why did tate get banned from social media?

Tate compares society to the matrix movies. He says society always tries to make you weak, complacent, alone, and poor.

  • Then he says when Andrew tate tried to wake up the people through this program, the matrix ( as a society) attempted to erase them.
  • According to the scenario, Tate referred to himself as Morpheus, who wants to break the free neo from the control of matrix movies.
  • The fact of “ attempt to erase” by Andrew results in getting banned from all social media channels.
  • Before he got banned, tate inspired people to work hard, spend their precious time, and break the neo free from society’s limits.
  • The aim of tate behind in telling the followers to spend a hard time is only to help them to become strong, rich, and well connected with like minded individuals.

How he helped the people to become rich and strong

As we tell you on lifestylebyps.com , Andrew Tate wants to free people from society’s limits. Before being banned from all his social media channels, he inspired people to spend their hard time and become strong and rich.

To make the work easier for people, tate suggests they join his online program, like hustler university, and now the real world has many updates. In the program, the motive of tate is the same to wake up people and experience the world where you become rich. He refers to his new program, “The real world,” as a portal to escape slavery, bound by society.

Transformation of HU into TRW

As per the facts on lifestylebyps.com , the program, hustler university, and the real world are different. Rather than it, the real world (TSW) is determined as an improvement of Hustler University (HU).

If we understand the stage plan of Andrew Tate, then the HU was referred to as step 1 in three step plan. And the real world is referred to be step 2 in three step plan. TRW is all about the mass exodus.

The program at HU will never be considered inside the matrix movies. On the other hand, the self reliant infrastructure is responsible for hosting the TRW with no attack points.

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